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2016-04-28 14:09:57

Dairy is Good for You

This month 1st Class have been learning all about food and farming.  We watched a video of cows being milked in a parlour and we had fun learning about the journey of milk from the farm to our fridge. Some milk is used to make cheese. Did you knowthat there are more than 100 types of cheese in Ireland.

During Healthy School Week we learned all about the food pyramid.  We watched a video about how cheese is made and we learned about the importance of dairy in our diets.  We also learned that it is important to stay fit and active. Weight-beating exercise [when you place your full body weight on your feet and legs] are very important for healthy bone growth.  We enjoyed doing plenty of these exercises during our Healthy School Week including dancing, running and skipping. Being active is fun!

 Milk yogurt and cheese are important sources of calcium. Children require calcium for the normal bone growth and development.

3 Servings front the 'milk, yogurt and cheese' food group are recommended daily for children ages 5-8 years.

5 Servings per day are recommended for those aged 8-18 years.

Examples of 1 serving includes a 200ml glass of milk, 125ml pot of yogurt or a 25g piece of hard cheese like cheddar.

We were busy creating posters to promote the importance of dairy in our diet. We want to share what we have learnt with others. The posters are on display in St Andrew's Parish Centre.

Here are some of our posters to promote dairy in our diet

Keep an eye on Twitter as there will be a poster tweeted each day from 2nd - 6th May!

And remember...

Eat cheese and yogurt,

Drink milk too,

Dairy is delicious

And it's good for you!

2016-04-26 09:51:41

St. Andrew's Science Blog


2016-04-15 12:15:19

                The St Andrew's Great Irish Bake Off

                 For Temple Street Childrens Hospital.


 Thank you to everyone involved. We raised an amazing €672.00!

2016-01-07 11:06:23


Proclamation Day

St. Andrew's raising the Irish Flag to celebrate Proclamation Day.